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1. Upload Amazon inventory templates to your Shopify stores. 

Any Amazon inventory template is supported in our APP, it is easy for Amazon sellers to copy products to Shopify stores, help to sell to other sales channels from Shopify. The extension will also keep a history for the file updated in the last 180 days 

2. Bulk edits your online products via a simple excel file. 

With our excel files supported, you can edit and sync with the online products easily and quickly. Create the Excel files with the product attributes, numbers of product/variant details to be bulk edited; including Description, Title, Price, Quantity, and many attributes map with Amazon.

3 Sync with Shopify store

Easily and quickly push products to your online products and sync with the online store easily. 

This APP can pull products from the online store and help you to bulk edit in APP via one excel file.

How to pull products from my store?

The APP cannot pull the products from online store before it was installed.It will be synced automatically after it is pulled to the APP.

Step 1 Go to the online store, “All products”,select the product which need to be pulled

Step 2 Change the Status then recover it.


Now, go to “YSY Editor”, the pulled products appeared.

How to delete products from YSY editor?

In YSY editor, it is forbidden to delete any products if it appears in online store.

Compare image A & B as followed, only products marked as “unpushed” can be deleted.

Image A the “Delete” action is workable, image “B” isn’t

There is 2 methods to delete the products from the Editor,

1, Bulk select and delete from the product list

2,Export the products and mark the SKU to be “Delete” in the” update_delete” option


How to add multi images per variant

A Add from Edit page


B Add via Excel


Use our Excel,add the image links to the file,then upload to APP.

For more information, download Template instruction

Why my template doesn’t work?

Our instruction file for download:


Important TIPS:

A Any Amazon inventory file is supported, but must be workable in Amazon system.

B Use “Update” if you want to add new products

B Use “Delete” if you want to delete those “Unpushed” products

C Use “Partialupdate” if you want to edit the exit products in the “YSY Editor”
D The 3rd line is the working line for “YSY Editor”. DO NOT CHANGE THE 3RD LINE. Keep in mind to add the first 2 lines in case you use our exported excel files


E The following fields must be filled when import

 ❶SKU ❷Update_delete ❸ The attributes need to be edited

F Using the data from the ”Valid Value” sheet to avoid mistakes


G: Use only 3 variation themes applied from our APP  


 H: It will take longer if you upload a large file, try to separate your file to small file.

Thanks for your time.

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